Real Ales at The Plough

We pride ourselves on the fact that we keep our beverages in excellent condition, helped largely by the fact that our regular customers enable us to rotate stocks regularly.

Good draught beer and cider comes from well kept cellars, there is no substitute for regular cleaning and maintenance of pipework and it is very simple to discover which pubs exercise good housekeeping.

Regular Beverages

London Pride – Fullers of Chiswick

Our London Pride always attracts favourable comments, at its best it is sweet and malty, tasting somewhat of fruity apple and toffee, with a crisp bitter finish. It should not be over-carbonised, but should have a noticeable head when poured.

Old Rosie Cider

The differences between ciders are often so slight that it is difficult to separate them other than to define them as sweet, dry or somewhere in between. However there  are a few notable exceptions and Old Rosie is one of these.

Westons describe it as a “lightly carbonated traditional scrumpy cider fully matured in old oak vats”. Actually it tastes only mildly of apples at first sip, but quickly the taste grows and fills the palate with a powerful surge of rich fruity apples, a distinct bitterness, tanginess and more than a hint of citrus.

A word of caution though, at 7.3% alcohol treat it like a pet snake!

Notable Guests

Malt Bitter

Straight from our local brewery at nearby Prestwood, this beer is full of flavour with a refreshing finish. A mid brown colour, with biscuit and caramel notes, this full flavour malty brew is made with a traditional British Hop recipe including Fuggles & Kent Goldings.

Malt Golden Ale

This light refreshing ale is created using Slovenian Styrian hops which produce a fine smooth tasting ale with a notably citrus finish.

Tribute  – St. Austell Brewery

Tribute smells of crisp malt biscuits, lemon zest, and earthy, floral, grassy hops. On the palate it is bready tasting, a gentle biscuity malt, with a slight buttery character, with just a hint of toffee mixed with earthy, herby and leafy undertones.